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Since November 7, 2004 - The first, and longest running, professionally produced audio drama podcast! This family friendly new twist on "old time radio" features the adventures and exploits of the World's Most Brilliant Scientist, Dr. Floyd! Join Dr. Floyd as he tries to thwart the plans of his evil arch nemesis, Dr. Steve, all the while learning about the people and events that shaped the history of the Earth. If satirist Stan Freberg and Jay Ward, creator of Rocky & Bullwinkle, had created Mystery Science Theater 3000 mixed in a little Time Bandits and gave it an educational spin, the result would have been...The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd! The Podcast for Gifted Children and Adults!

Nov 25, 2006

STARRING: John Billingsley, Bonita Friedericy and Jim Ruel

Dr. Steve and Fidgert head back to the year 1621 to try and steal the Horn of Plenty centerpiece from the table at the first Thanksgiving, while Dr. Floyd sets Dr. Grant straight on the holiday.

©2017 Grant Baciocco/Doug Price/Saturday Morning Media

Nov 20, 2006

Dr. Steve and Fidgert sing a song of love and loss at Thanksgiving.

©2006, 2017 Saturday Morning Media

Nov 19, 2006

As heard on the Dr. Demento show it’s the classic Thanksgiving song about a poor unfortunate bird (poor and unfortunate because he had to live with Dr. Steve!

Words & Music By Grant Baciocco - Published By Music To Throw Toasters By (ASCAP)

©2006 Saturday Morning Media Grant Baciocco Doug Price

Nov 19, 2006

STARRING: John Billingsley, Bonita Friedericy and Jim Ruel!

It's time for giving thanks in the time and space stream! Dr. Steve prepares dinner on his ship while Dr. Floyd longs for something a little different on his ship!

©2017 Grant Baciocco/Doug Price/Saturday Morning Media

Nov 12, 2006

FEATURING: Maynard Smith & Moira Quirk

It's the chilling conclusion to our "creepy" episodes! Dr. Steve's army of Ninja Zombies close in on our heroes and still the only thing Dr. Floyd can think about is Trick Or Treating!

©2017 Grant Baciocco/Doug Price/Saturday Morning Media